360 video & advertising stats part 2

Last week, we talked about how people enjoy and prefer 360 content over traditional display. Like we said, no surprise there as 360 video advertising and 360 virtual reality ads are very interesting and engaging. For this week’s post, we’re showing you more stats (as we promised), but this time we shift our focus over to performance and effectiveness and highlight how 360VR ads and 360 video ads perform better than traditional display. What makes this data particularly noteworthy is that they show a stark difference between the two mediums.

So how do 360 video ads perform compared to traditional video ads? 360 video ads have garnered more clicks, more engagement, more views, and even higher content and brand recall. This is exciting because these numbers support the fact that people really do prefer 360 content and enjoy engaging with it. Also, these numbers continue to underscore that brands can no longer ignore the effectiveness of 360 video advertising and 360 VR ads.

When you consider what we’ve discussed the past few weeks, it’s hard to imagine what else could be holding brands back from leveraging this new vehicle for advertising. We’ve already shown how cost is no longer a barrier for 360 VR ads as you can create 360 VR ads with ordinary 2D assets. We’ve also talked about the different 360 VR myths & misconceptions to alleviate the concerns that people have. Finally, we discussed how 360VR advertising is the bridge to virtual reality advertising.

So if you know that people prefer 360 content, that the reach is there, that it’s not as cost prohibitive as you think AND that 360 video ads perform better than their traditional counterparts, what are you waiting for? It’s time to leverage 360 VR advertising & 360 video ads today!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the infographic and other articles you might be interested in below.

360 video ads perform betterDownload Infographic Here


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