Debunking 360 VR Advertising Myths

Because 360 VR Advertising is so new, it’s not surprising that there are a few misconceptions about it floating around. That’s why we compiled a list of different 360 VR Advertising Myths and debunked them. Make sure to come back next week for part 2!

360 VR Advertising Myth #1: It’s too niche. There’s no install base.

Debunked: This myth couldn’t be any farther from the truth. 360 ads with virtual reality mode can be seen by anyone with a smartphone, tablet or desktop. This means the audience is >2 billion strong, is that still too niche for you?

360 VR Advertising Myth #2: Aren’t 360VR ads those 360 videos I see on Facebook and YouTube?

Debunked: Most of the 360 videos you see on these social media platforms are just that – they’re 360 videos being shared by brands with their fans. They’re not ad units, per se, and are posted in hopes that they’ll be seen. Further, neither Facebook nor YouTube can play 360 videos in browser on an iPhone – you can only view them in their respective apps. 360VR ads; however, can occupy the same space as digital display and native ads you see when you surf the web or use an app. And if you work with someone like Advrtas, have no worries because our ads work everywhere…even on a browser on the iPhone.

360 VR Advertising Myth #3: 360VR ads can only be viewed in a virtual reality headset.

Debunked: 360 ads with one-touch virtual reality mode can be viewed without a headset using the device you currently have; a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Users can explore in 360 by moving their device up, down, left, right or by finger drag or mouse movement. If you have a VR headset like a Google Cardboard, simply press the icon, the screen splits in 2 and place your phone in the headset and you’re instantly immersed.

360 VR Advertising Myth #4: It’s too new, there’s no proof.

Debunked: If you’re waiting for the proof, the wait is over. 360VR ads are here today and the results are already in; they’re much more engaging than traditional ads. Want some proof? Download our latest 360VR Ad Case Study for free and see for yourself. Or perhaps you’d like some social proof, for that just check out this infographic highlighting the dozens upon dozens of brands that have already started to leverage the power of the immersive platforms of 360 and VR. You better hurry and act though because the proverbial first mover advantage is quickly shrinking.

360 VR Advertising Myth #5: We don’t have any clients or projects for this format.

Debunked: Any marketing department today should be considering using 360VR. Industries like travel, automotive, entertainment, consumer products, food & beverage, fast food & more are already embracing these highly engaging formats. 360VR ads offer an unrivaled storytelling experience for any brand hoping to connect with audiences. Take a look at just a handful of the industries highlighted below that are already tapping into 360 & VR for marketing and advertising. It won’t be long before 360VR ads become so prevalent that instead of asking who’s using them we’ll be asking who isn’t!

Industries Marketing with 360/VR

Industries using 360/VR for Marketing

360 VR Advertising Myth #6: I don’t have 360VR content.

Debunked: While 360 video & images are very engaging forms of advertising, you don’t have to have 360 degree or virtual reality content to make a 360VR ad. As long as you have 2D creative assets you can create a 360VR ad. To learn more, check out this 2D 360VR demo.


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