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360 and virtual reality being used as effective marketing and advertising tools is spreading. Businesses from such diverse verticals as entertainment, insurance, travel, automotive, food, beverage, and even OTC pain medications have all been experimenting with these rapidly emerging technologies to grow their respective brands. As illustrated in this infographic (see link below), it seems like there’s no vertical that’s going untouched.

Opportunity Most Brands are Missing with 360 Video

Some brands have experimented with VR by creating full blown experiential VR installations that require the high processing power of VR systems like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Others have dabbled in mobile VR like the Samsung Gear while some have gone as far as to create VR apps that can be downloaded to a smartphone and viewed via a Google Cardboard or similar VR HMD (head mounted device). Even more have opted to create 360 degree experiences – typically in the form of 360 video – that they post to social media outlets like Facebook and YouTube.

But, why go to the effort and expense (although it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think) to create a 360 degree video, VR installation or a VR app and not use that same content for advertising?

In a world where click throughs and interaction rates of display ads are a hair away from zero, why on earth would you waste 360 or VR content just for social media & a one off marketing tactic? For now we’ll chalk it up to folks just being in the dark. They don’t know that they can easily leverage this kind of content beyond social media and trade show installations and use it for 360VR ads that can live in the very same places where they’d run digital display, video, and native advertising.

The simple truth is that digital ads that feature 360 degree content perform better. That even applies to 360 degree ads created out of 2D assets. As more and more effectiveness studies come out about 360 VR advertising and as more brands catch wind that 360VR ads are simply a better option than your traditional digital ads, you can be certain that many more will jump on the 360/VR ad bandwagon.

It’s certain that adding 360VR ads to your media plan is a must but before you jump in it’s important to know a few of the basics. So whether you’re new to 360VR ads or you’ve already dipped your toes ever so slightly into the proverbial 360VR ad waters, check out the infographic below for some handy tips for 360VR ads to help ensure your ad campaign is a success!

10 Tips for 360VR Ads Infographic


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