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If you haven’t started to include 360 VR Content in your media plans yet, what are you waiting for? Dozens upon dozens of brands have spent millions of dollars creating 360 degree videos that are thrown up on social media platforms.

The good news is that brands from all kinds of industries targeting all kinds of age groups and all kinds of markets are raking up millions of views.

The bad news is that they’re not achieving anywhere near the brand engagement and ROI as they could had they used this same content to create fully interactive 360VR ad units powered by Advrtas.

Advrtas 360VR ads provide brands with the opportunity to reach billions of consumers on the devices they use today (smartphones, tablets & even desktops) with possibly the most effective digital ads the ad industry has ever seen. Advrtas ads deliver:

  • Unmatched brand engagement with 62% – 21% avg engagement rates
  • More brand immersion with view times ranging from 65 to upwards of 120 seconds
  • CTRs upwards of 6 times industry averages
  • 50+ new, verifiable, reportable consumer touch points
  • Work across all networks & existing trusted supply chains

So whether you’re a strategic planner, brand manager or agency exec trying to retain your client roster in a volatile marketplace, the time is now to get 360VR ads into your media plan. As is indicated on the included infographic, practically no industry will go untouched by the influence of 360 & VR, the question now is how long are you going to wait to tap the into power that Advrtas ads present to the world of advertising.

Want to learn more about how Advrtas ads can help you take your media plans & digital advertising to the next level? Contact us today!

Infographic on Brands Using 360 Video Stats

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