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What are 360 Virtual Reality Ads?

360 Virtual Reality Ads are an entirely new premium ad format where the content of the ad completely surrounds the user as if they are standing in the middle of a sphere.

360/VR is the fastest growing segment within digital media because unlike traditional marketing content, immersive 360 degree virtual reality ads break the “walls” of traditional “boxed-in” advertising formats, allowing viewers to move their device left, right, up, or down, to view and interact with content – transforming them from passive viewers to active participants. Content can also be explored by screen touch or mouse movement. This takes advertising to an entirely new level of viewer engagement we call Super Rich Media.

In a nutshell, with Advrtas you can now feature 360 degree content with 1-touch VR mode in today’s digital display and native ad units.

How can I view 360 Virtual Reality Ads?

With Advrtas, you can view our 360/VR ads on ANY device, ANY platform, and ANY browserOur ads also feature 1-touch VR mode: simply touch the VR icon on your mobile device, the screen splits in two and then place your smartphone in a Google Cardboard or similar VR headset and you’re fully immersed in a branded virtual reality experience.

Our 360/VR ads work on both Android AND iOS, which means that we don’t have a 360 video issue with iPhone like others. Also, because Advrtas 360VR ads can work on any device, no VR headset is required. 

The Power Behind our Ads

Our 360/VR ads are powered by our proprietary and patent-pending Panamorphic Technology. With the power of Panamorphic, advertisers can leverage 360 virtual reality ads anywhere across the internet and publishers can offer an entirely new, exclusive, and premium ad unit. Advrtas is unique in that it is the premiere, fully interactive, web-based, 360VR ad solution designed for both today’s digital ad landscape and the ad ecosystem of tomorrow.

How to Leverage 360 Degree & Virtual Reality Ads

360 Ad Unit

Advrtas’ technology offers a wide variety of 360/VR ad formats that can be featured as both “Display” and “Native” ad units. Ads can feature video, images or both. An additional CSS layer allows our ad units to be branded throughout the entire ad experience even if using an expandable or take-over style ad. And because they are fully interactive and include hotspots, our ads can feature a rich assortment of content that lead to a specific call to action. Also, all of our ad units come with a built-in 1-click VR mode. Consumers can now become completely immersed in brand storytelling experiences and take deeper dives into advertisements from even the simplest of ad formats.

360VR Marketing Module or Widget

Although Advrtas has been designed to support ad units, our technology can also support 360VR marketing modules (aka widgets) that can sit on brand or publisher websites. This means brands can use 360 virtual reality ads to engage consumers then direct them to a more robust 360/VR experience on their website. Fully interactive 360VR marketing modules are a great way to engage viewers with a bigger, more immersive 360VR experience that entices them to book, buy, get more information or any other form of call to action. 360VR marketing modules by Advrtas can be “white-labeled” and hosted on either the publisher, advertiser or Advrtas server.

How Do You Create 360/VR Content for ads?

Creative options for immersive 360° advertising and marketing are both diverse and endless. Most companies already producing 360° content are doing so as video – and this may be the first opportunity you come across for advertising – but 360° content can be produced using any form of rich media; including 2D. The following are three creative format options for 360/VR unique to the Advrtas technical solution.

Video/Photo Capture

Currently this is the most common method for producing 360 content. 360 video or photography is taken using special camera rigging. This type of rigging ranges from affordable GoPro style units to very expensive cinematic style equipment. There are many commercial video production companies who have this equipment and are already shooting in 360. Once the content is captured it is integrated into the Advrtas technology and then published as an ad unit or marketing widget. Many brands have already begun shooting 360 video and are looking for ways to leverage it for marketing and advertising. An ad unit featuring this 360 degree content is a great way to engage consumers while also helping to achieve ROI.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

CGI content is a natural format for 360 especially given the fact that most video games are already designed to be viewed in this format. Even if their assets are not optimized for web, this style of media can be easily converted to a 360/VR ad format. Plus, it’s a great way to advertise game themed entertainment (i.e. if you are going to create content in 360 why not advertise in 360). Like video, CGI is integrated into the Advrtas technology and can be programmed to be fully interactive including a final click to download the game. CGI ad units can be designed and provided to Advrtas by the brand or creative agency, or Advrtas can be hired to design and build the ad.

Traditional 2D Assets

A little known fact about 360 virtual reality ads is that you don’t need 360 content to create a 360 experience. Advrtas is an industry leader with the unique ability to help advertisers leverage their existing 2D content to create fully interactive, immersive 360/VR ad units or marketing destinations. Using 2D assets to create 360VR ads is an affordable and faster way for brands to take advantage of the high engagement levels seen with this new ad style. Similar to video and CGI based ads, final creative is integrated into Advrtas and published just like any other 360 ad content.


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