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As the leading expert in 360 degree and virtual reality ad development, Advrtas presents the latest 360 Virtual Reality Advertising articles. Our 360 VR Ads are a new premium ad format that is highly immersive, engaging, and fully interactive. Powered by Advrtas’ proprietary and patent-pending Panamorphic Technology, these ads can be viewed on any device, any platform, and any browser. This means that no VR headset is required, but if you are interested in viewing the ad in VR, our 360 ads feature a 1-touch VR mode that allows you to view the ad in a cardboard headset with ease. This emerging technology can be leveraged with ad units or even a marketing module or widget on your website. Creating 360 VR ads is possible through 360 video or photo capture, CGI, and even with traditional 2D assets.

To learn more about this new ad format in detail, check out our 360 Virtual Reality Ads Introduction page.

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