Around the World in 360/VR – Destination: Australia

Travel Australia in 360 & Virtual Reality

We trust our 360 degree travel expose “Around the World in 360/VR” has opened your eyes to just a bit of the power that 360 degree and virtual reality content can have when it comes to immersing someone in a brand or experience. For the travel industry, you’ve seen how 360/VR can facilitate the feeling of “being there” without physically setting foot in a location.

While we’ve highlighted mostly outdoor scenes, there’s so much more opportunity for hotels and cruise lines to showcase 360 degree scenes (photos and/or videos) of guest rooms, amenities, restaurants, spas, grounds, you name it (see our fully interactive 360/VR ad of Las Vegas below for a glimpse into what we mean)!

Tourism boards can leverage 360/VR as well, for example, by creating 360 tours that highlight top attractions. There’s also opportunity for airlines to unveil premium air travel options while highlighting locales to which they fly (see our Air France demo for reference). If done correctly, travel ads that leverage 360/VR can spark an emotional connection that no other medium can and prompt a call to action. That’s because until now, there’s been no better way to truly showcase a destination.

Clearly, 360/VR is so much more than gaming or watching movies through a headset. In fact, the simple truth is that 360/VR is poised to revolutionize advertising and marketing as we now know it and the industries which can leverage them are innumerable. Why? Because 360/VR provides marketers with an incredibly engaging new vehicle with which to do brand storytelling. Product immersion reaches new heights as 360/VR can capture people’s attention, immerse them, and expose them to brands on an entirely different level than ever before possible.

And on that note, we invite you to complete your whirlwind global tour by feasting your eyes on the glorious sites of the continent of Australia (or Oceania as some scientists refer to it). And since we’ve been highlighting the world’s continents in our series, your journey wouldn’t be complete without a stop at one of the hardest places to travel to in the world – the tundra of Antarctica! Bon voyage!

  1. Bokissa Private Island Resort, Santo Vanuatu

Diving Santo Vanuatu Bokissa Private Island Resort

2. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Australia

Tidbinbilla NR – Grazing Kangaroos

3. Three Sisters, New South Wales, Australia

Three Sisters Up Close

4. Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Karijini National Park – Hancock Gorge

5. Sydney, Australia

Harbourside Entrance and Sydney Skyline: Apr 19, 2011 at 5:35pm

6. Almer Hut, Westland National Park, New Zealand

Almer Hut Milky Way

7. Volkonskogo Gora, Antarctica

Volkonskogo Gora, Peak, Antarctica

All images are the property of 360Cities.net and/or its licensors. For more immersive experiences, visit their website.

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