Around the World in 360/VR – Destination: Africa

Travel Africa in 360 & Virtual Reality

Spherical 360 & Virtual Reality will revolutionize the travel industry because there has never been any other medium that can spark such a connection in people the way these new content platforms can. Experiencing a destination, or any brand for that matter, in 360 or VR, is essentially the next best thing to physically being somewhere.

Of course, there are the few naysayers who take the position that when it comes to the realm of travel, a 360 or VR experience will lessen people’s desires to travel. To that we respectfully disagree. Virtual reality, and its simpler counterpart 360 degree content, will actually inspire people to travel because the visceral nature of the platforms gives people an inside look at what they’re missing out on and in fact make them want to travel even more.

Similarly, because 360 and VR content is so visceral and effective in stirring up emotions and creating virtual memories, other industries will greatly benefit from it as well. As marketers, we now have the technology in our hands to showcase our brands in ways we’ve never been able to.

So when they say that 360/VR is “the best thing to hit travel since the jet engine,” we here at Advrtas expand upon that and say that 360/VR is the best thing to hit advertising and marketing since the digital age explosion.

And with that we invite you to take a mini-escape as you explore the beauty and power of 360 & VR by exploring Africa with the images below.

Happy travelling!

1. Maasai Mara, Kenya

elephants in masai mara national park. kenia

2. Deir el Bahari, Egypt

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt

3. Madagascar, Africa

Hanging bridge over a crack in the Tsingy

4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

victoria falls in zimbabwe side

5. Casablanca, Morocco


6. Ouarzazate, Morocco

Handycraft shop in ouarzazate, Morocco

7. Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Chapman’s Peak, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

8. Mauritius Island

Le Canonnier Pier Mauritius

All images are the property of 360Cities.net and/or its licensors. For more immersive experiences, visit their website.

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  • Sujeet Bhattacharjee

    These are still photographs, how about 360 Video VR for the same

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