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Are You One of the Travel Brands Using 360 VR for Advertising

Advertising and marketing a location is not as easy as it may seem. It’s not as simple as merely taking a picture and slapping that image on an ad – and the same thing applies to video. What a travel ad has to do is stir a customer’s emotion and motivate them to want to travel in a certain destination. The coming of 360 technology has made this even more possible.

With 360 technology, you can now give your customers a feel of what it’s like to be in your destination. Whether it’s through 360 images or 360 video, consumers can look in whatever direction and see everything that there is to see about your destination. It’s really a great tool for those who love to travel AND for those who advertise for travel.

360 technology has raised the stakes for travel advertising and that’s why we’re excited to see more and more travel brands using 360 VR for advertising. In case the lack of 360 assets is what’s holding you back from using 360 technology, never fear! If you look at the Constance ad below, we created a 360 ad with 2D images – creating some sort of 360 gallery. And yes, you can still view this ad in VR mode.

Will leveraging 2D images as a 360 ad still be effective? Yes! And you can download our case study about one of our 360 ad campaigns that uses only 2D images resulting in impressive engagement rates – higher than the industry average!

Based on our results and experience with 360, we encourage you to be one of the travel brands using 360 VR for advertising. You already have the assets for it AND we’ve already shown you through our case study that it is highly engaging and effective. So what are you waiting for?

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