Consumer Products Shine in 360

Mobile 360 and VR Instructions for 360 VR Ads for TourismDesktop 360 and VR Instructions 360 VR Ads for Tourism

Did you know that by leveraging 360 technology you can showcase a virtually infinite amount of product? That’s what the proprietary Advrtas Infinity Flip is all about. Now brands have more ad real estate than ever before to feature more products, more images, more info, more everything! The Infinity Flip is a 360 degree ad that’s ideal for consumer products and blows Facebook’s carousel and canvas ads right out of the water.

See for yourself how much fun ad exploration can be with our sample Tiffany ad. Move your device left or right or move in a circle and find yourself in a steady stream of surprises where your movement reveals what’s inside each iconic blue box. You can also control the experience with your finger or, if on desktop, by using your mouse. If you want to add one-touch virtual reality mode to the mix the Infinity Banner can feature this too! The possibilities are endless.

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