Fantastic Beasts Live Demo

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Advrtas delivers another first with its immersive 360 VR ads for entertainment and gaming. Banish banner blindness with gamified and immersive 360 VR ads featuring the ad format: The Seeker, created for J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts. See for yourself how different ads powered by Advrtas and its patent pending Panamorphic technology can be.

Simply click to expand the banner (yes it can auto expand but we turned this feature off) and move your mouse or device left, right, up and down to explore as you search for the 6 hidden beasts. You can explore vertically or in landscape mode. Don’t want to move your phone around? No problem, simply drag your finger across the screen to control your view. Either way, when you find a beast just tap on it with your finger.

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