360 Immersive Ads Empower Brands

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360 Immersive Ads with 1-Touch VR Mode Empower Brands

Advrtas’ 360 immersive ads take brand immersion to the next level with 1-touch VR mode – allowing consumers to immerse themselves in your product and also, experience your brand “first-hand”, whether that’s through their smartphone, desktop, or even cardboard headset. We also feature a wide range of 360 VR ad formats with different levels of interactivity, letting you engage with your customers in many different ways.

Below is a demo of one of our 360 immersive ads. This 360VR ad features the brand Coors and allows a user to look around the snowy, wintery environment while also rotating the can inside the ad unit – all this achieved by moving your device, dragging your finger (or mouse) across the screen, or looking around in a VR headset.

For this ad, we suggest that you turn your volume on as we added a little surprise feature. Oh and just a warning… you might get thirsty!

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