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Try One of Our Browser Based 360 VR Ads and Request a Test Tag!

Advrtas’ browser based 360 VR ads work on any browser – desktop or mobile – allowing people to view and engage with our ads on any device and any platform. This allows us to reach more people with our 360 VR ads as we are not limited to in-app or in-VR 360 advertising. It also means that customers can view a 360 VR ad without a VR headset – allowing almost anyone to view our 360 VR ads.

If people do want to view our ads in VR to increase the immersive experience, one of the features that our browser based 360 VR ads have is a 1-touch VR mode. This allows your audience to switch from viewing an ad in 360 to viewing it in VR (and vice versa) with one click. It’s that simple and you get to engage your customers with an entirely new ad technology – one that will keep them curious and attentive.

Another feature that sets our browser based 360 VR ads apart from other 360 VR advertising is the ability to use 2D content and still leverage 360 VR technology. This means that you don’t need to make an entirely new set of assets just to advertise in 360 VR.

A perfect example of this type of browser based 360 VR ad is the Redbox ad demo below. This 360 VR ad is made entirely out of 2D assets and yet, it’s unlike any of the other ads you see and are familiar with. Our browser based 360 VR ads that use 2D assets still give people the ability to look in any direction they please. And yes, VR mode still works even for these ads. Try the Redbox demo in VR mode and notice how it makes you feel like you’re living inside the ad – a pretty cool experience and also, an effective way to immerse your audience with your brand.

Are you interested in leveraging this type of ad technology for your company? Click below and request a test tag of one of our browser based 360 VR ads and see what we can do for you!

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