Innovating Travel Advertising with 360 & VR

“The best thing to hit travel since the jet engine.”

360 VR Travel Advertising Solutions Offer Unmatched Levels of ‘Destination’ Immersion

Much like how the jet engine super-powered physical travel, 360 degree and Virtual Reality (VR) content are super-powering the way people shop for travel. Why? Because now travelers can view destinations in full 360 degrees – as if they’re really standing there, before they decide.

With 360 & VR, any would-be traveler with a smartphone, tablet or computer has the most compelling & engaging travel planning tool at their fingertips. For the first time, they can completely immerse themselves in a destination long before they board a plane, train or cruise ship.

Spherical 360 content and virtual reality is engaging and immersive
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How to Use Our 360 VR Ads

Marketing Modules & Ad Units

360 / VR marketing modules and ad units are the perfect tools to provide travelers with a deeper dive into your destination. As the world’s first 360 / VR marketing and advertising solution, Advrtas is the industry leader in leveraging 360 virtual reality advertising for travel brands, destinations & publishers. Our patent-pending & proprietary technology enables the most engaging brand experiences across all devices, platforms & operating systems…no headset required! Here are just some of the possibilities.


Our team of experts works with you to create engaging, fully spherical 360 degree ad experiences complete with calls to action & one-touch VR mode. We can even do native & content marketing executions.


We help you get the ROI on your 360 / VR content investment with innovative solutions to host your content locally with engaging marketing modules. Content can feature 360 & 2D video & images.


Advrtas ads & marketing modules feature unrivaled interactivity with everything from interactive hotspots to playful perpetually moving banners – all encouraging the user to move their device and explore your destination more!


We have more 360 degree ad formats than anyone. All are compatible with VR headsets but no headset is required! Plus we can integrate  your current 2D images & video into engaging 360/VR experiences.


360 / VR ads units & marketing modules can feature virtually an infinite amount of content. Which means more opportunities to showcase your destination & entice travelers.

Around the World with Advrtas Travel

The closest thing to being there!

360/VR is the future of travel because now travelers can view potential destinations — as if really standing there, motivating them to take action.

Click below to see how Business Events Denmark leveraged Advrtas technology to engage meeting & event planners.

See for Yourself How Engaging 360/VR Can Be with our blog series “Around the World in 360/VR”

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