360 VR Advertising for Travel

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360 VR Advertising for Travel

360 VR advertising is a trend in the travel industry that is just beginning to blossom. From hotels, airlines and cruise lines to tourism boards and convention bureaus, 360 VR ads for travel are simply a more immersive and engaging way to reach and connect with would be travelers. Frankly, other than being there; there really isn’t a better way to catch a glimpse of a destination, hotel, cruise ship, etc.

Many think creating a 360 video for travel advertising and marketing is your only option. But you can create a highly engaging 360VR ad for travel using images as well – which offers a wealth of creative choices. A 360 ad unit created with images (whether 2D or 360) can include a veritable endless assortment of images revealing different parts of a hotel or even different tourist destinations.

Check out the ad below featuring the Peermont hotel. Using 360 images, the viewer can tour the lobby of the hotel, the restaurant, the pool, and a guest room. Throughout the ad, notice the hotspots that connect one location to the another. The user is ultimately in control and can explore what interests them and the user journey can culminate in an actual booking.

There’s virtually no limit with the many ways you can leverage 360 VR advertising for travel – all it takes is creativity!

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