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How Do You Properly Use 360 VR Ads for Tourism?

In the past year, we’ve seen a great demand for 360 VR ads for tourism. As people learn more about 360 VR ad technology, tourism boards are beginning to realize that this is the perfect tool that they can use to showcase their destination. No longer are travel marketers limited to just images and videos that a lot of times can’t even fully present the beauty of a certain location. Instead, they can leverage 360 VR technology that allows their audience to engage and interact with a location before booking a flight, reserving a suite in a hotel, or buying a ticket for a cruise.

When shooting in 360, it’s important to leverage the space around you. It’s not as simple as plopping a camera in the middle of a location and expect it to create outstanding 360 content. If you do treat 360 content this way, your image or video will fall flat and that’s not good if your intent is to create 360 VR ads for tourism. Therefore, having a strong and effective image is integral to having a great 360 VR ad and one of the first things you should do is really take advantage of the wide space.

Note the Paris ad above. It’s a very strong image – effectively capturing the environment of the location. No matter what direction you look at, there’s always something interesting to see. This type of image can make for an engaging and interesting 360 VR ad.

If you’re interested in leveraging 360 VR ads for tourism and want to know the best practices to do so, download the ebook below. In it are some do’s and don’ts that we’ve learned over the years with our international 360 VR ad campaigns (and we’ve had quite a few that are travel-related). Just click on the link below and you can get your free copy on the best practices of creating 360 VR ads for tourism.

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