360VR Ads Made with 360 Images…Travel Style

Who says video is the best way to go with 360VR ads? When it comes to the world of travel, sometimes 360VR ads made with 360 images is all it takes to tell a story. Check out the demo below & notice these unique features:

  • Perpetually moving banner grabs attention
  • Ad responds to device movement, touch & mouse movement
  • Tour 4 scenes in 360 – guest room, lobby, pool & fine dining
  • Expand button in upper right enables ad expansion
  • All scenes viewable in vertical & landscape
  • User initiated volume control
  • User initiated 1-touch VR mode
  • CTAs prompt user to explore more & book
  • Works on all browsers, platforms & devices (Android & iOS)
  • IAB & MRAID compliant ad unit
Mobile 360 and VR InstructionsDesktop 360 and VR Instructions

As you can see, sometimes 360VR ads made with 360 images can be just as effective, and sometimes even better, than creating a 360 video ad. They’re typically easier to create, less expensive to produce, and they’re a great way for any brand to break into 360VR advertising. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to up your ad game with 360VR ads made with 360 images!

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