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360 Video for Travel: Australia

From experience, creating 360 video for travel really depends on the location and the view that you want people to show. That’s why it’s helpful that 360 technology can be leveraged in a myriad of ways. In the case of the Australia 360 video ad above, you’ll have a top view of some magnificent cliffs, beautiful waterfalls, and clear blue waters. It’s a breathtaking view and seeing it all from the top is perfect as you can properly see the full picture of the scene. If the shot was captured in eye-level, it would have been much more difficult for the viewer to see and experience everything that the location had to offer as they wouldn’t really be able to see what everything looked like.

360 video for travel is a great way to give your audience a virtual tour of a place. When this is the case, having some sort of movement towards a certain direction can help as it sort of simulates walking (or in the case of the Australia ad, “flying”) through a location.

Another way to leverage 360 video for travel that expands on the idea of having a virtual tour is by leveraging hotspots (more on this in our ebook on 360 VR Advertising for Travel). Hotspots are areas in 360 content that can highlight points of interest or even serve as buttons that give you more information as you look around 360 content. Though not present in Australia, this is another method to properly use 360 video for travel as it is a way for viewers to interact and engage with the content (very helpful if it is a tourist spot). Hotspots can be used in many ways – from text pointing to a particular landmark when the viewer looks at that direction to buttons that trigger an action like entering a door or walking through a landmark.

The possibilities are endless with 360 video for travel – it really is a great and powerful tool that travel marketers can leverage.

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