Leveraging 360 Video for Ad Units

There’s More to 360 Degree Video Than Social Media

Want to do more with 360 degree video? With Advrtas, 360 degree ad formats serve as another way to distribute compelling 360 degree videos complete with one-touch virtual reality mode. Plus, our ads can be seen everywhere — on all devices, browsers, platforms and in-app…no headset required!

Take the above Clash of Clans 360 degree video experience, it was originally shared via social media channels and quickly garnered tens of millions of views on YouTube. However, it could have been seen by millions more if it was leveraged for an ad unit to promote the release of the game. As an ad unit it could have included interactive components that led to more promotional materials, insight into the characters and even included a CTA where the consumer could download the game. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

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