Play Your 360 Video on iPhone

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Our 360 VR ads can play on any browser, any platform, and any device (even those that have 360 video) allowing brands to have a wider audience reach with their 360 VR advertising and marketing. No longer are you limited to sharing your 360 videos on social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. Have you ever had problems with your YouTube 360 video playing on iPhone? Well, our 360 video ads don’t have that kind of problem and because it’s an ad unit, you aren’t limited to just a 360 video player either because you can have CTAs, hotspots that lead to other images or videos, etc.

Check out our 360 video ad unit of Nikon and see that 360 videos don’t have to just be in a video player. They can be an engaging and immersive ad that also features 1-touch VR mode. Take advantage of our 360 video ad units and see how many more people you can engage with your brand while not having to worry about your 360 video playing on iPhone or on any other device, platform, or browser for that matter.

Don’t limit yourself to social media channels, 360 video players, or even showing your 360 video on non-iOS devices. Contact Advrtas today!

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