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360 Travel Video Ads Like No Other

The travel industry has been one of the early adopters of 360 VR advertising and so it’s not uncommon to see a few 360 travel video ads here and there. The only problem is that because 360 VR advertising is still relatively new, there are still many people who don’t know how to leverage it. For one, many treat the creation of 360 videos as if they were making a traditional video – a common mistake, but a big no-no! This has resulted in less than impressive 360 travel video ads.

That’s why here in Advrtas, we tell people that leveraging 360 video allows you more creative license to do whatever you want. In the case of the 360 ad we created for Expedia, it’s the first of its kind. Unlike other 360 travel video ads, our Expedia ad lets you tour San Antonio by letting YOU choose your journey. We are able to incorporate this type of interactivity in our ads through leveraging hotspot technology.

You see, when we talk about 360 travel video ads, Advrtas completely redefines it by creating 360 video ads like no other. Our ads are more than just 360 travel videos playing in a 360 video player. We take them a step further by providing people with unparalleled interactivity and engagement. That’s how you leverage 360 technology. Don’t limit yourself with what you know about traditional video. 360 VR is very different and its only limit is your imagination.

So create engaging and interactive 360 travel video ads today! And because we are serious in helping you create 360 travel video ads like no other, we’ve created an eBook that deals with the “Do’s & Don’ts of 360 VR Advertising for Travel.”

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