360 Ads Featuring 2D Assets: NCIS Live Demo

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Leverage 2D Assets to Create 360 Degree Ads

Did you know you don’t have to shoot a 360 degree video to create a 360 degree ad? Nor do you need 360 degree images. If you have 2D assets and some imagination Advrtas can help you leverage these assets so you can start tapping into the power of 360 degree ad formats today!

The NCIS: Hidden Crimes ad above is a great example of how Advrtas can create 360 ads featuring 2D assets and turn them into a brand experience. Move your device & follow the red string to unravel clues to the crime. While there’s so much more creativity to be had in this ad style, even this relatively simple 360 degree ad garnered significant engagement. Download the free case study to see just how engaged audiences became.

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